Margot Robbie bans bread and sweets as she spills secrets to her Hollywood diet

Sweets and bread were off the menu but Margot Robbie insisted “food is a big thing” for her when it comes to keeping herself fuelled ahead of a long day of filming

Without question Margot Robbie is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and she has a killer figure.

And the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star, 30, has lifted the lid on her super slimming diet ahead of her new role as Barbie in an upcoming movie.

Sweets and bread were off the menu but the stunning actress insisted “food is a big thing” for her when it comes to keeping herself fuelled ahead of a long day of filming.

In fact, Margot has an incredibly clean and healthy diet which includes everything from smoothies to chicken to keep her lean.

She told the latest edition of Women’s Health : “Breakfast is usually porridge, and during the morning I’ll have an immunity-boosting smoothie.

“I’ll normally have a chicken salad for lunch, and for dinner I’ll tuck into a tuna steak with sweet potato.”

It’s no wonder she opts for sweet potatoes which have been considered a healthier option and a good carb.

Yet proving she’s human just like us, Margot loves the treat of eating out at chain restaurants — especially on burgers and fries.

She added: “Food is a big thing for me. I love burgers and fries, which I’ll order with a pint of beer. In the US, my favourite meal is a double truffle burger from the American chain Umami Burger: it comes with a truffle cheese fondue, truffle aioli and truffle glaze.”

Also, Margot keeps hydrated by drinking tea throughout the day.

It harks back to her days of living in the UK before she made the move across the pond to Los Angeles in 2013.

Her major move to Hollywood came at the same time she landed her breakout role in The Wolf Of Wall Street with Leonardo DiCaprio.

At the same time as her move, she really threw herself into Pilates which she still uses to maintain her incredible physique.

Margot also said she preferred boxing any day to lifting weights which she quickly found she didn’t like.

In August last year, the actress said she would invite Meghan Markle and Prince Harry over for dinner after the couple made the move to her neck of the woods in Los Angeles.

She told New! magazine: “We haven’t had dinner but I would, for sure.

“Whenever I met Harry in London at parties, he was always a lot of fun, so it would be great to have them both over.”